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Financial Eligibility

I confirm that the company I fully own, Blue River Creative Limited ("BRCL") is a supplier of graphic and website design services to Epsom Girls Grammar School ("the School") for which it is remunerated.


Section 103(A)(2)(b) of the Education Act requires that to be capable of being a Trustee then the annual total for remuneration from the School must remain under $25,000.   Historically BRCL has provided a minimum of three print quotations to the school for their selection and the ease of a single, combined project invoice. The inclusion of print production costs, particularly relating to the school yearbook, prospectus and handbook, has meant that as a Trustee this threshold would have been exceeded.  BRCL are not, nor will be, commercial printers.

If BRCL is contracted by the School for graphic design work, then printing services on sizeable future publications can be expected to be provided and separately invoiced by an unrelated third party printer who would have been independently chosen by the School after a competitive quoting process.  


Opinion has been sought from Ministry of Education and NZSTA staff that concludes this separation of services and billing would enable Blue River Creative Limited to remain under the threshold so as to comply with Trustee requirements of financial eligibility for Philip Bradley.

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