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Not everyone goes to hospital, a pub, the theatre, a church, a sports club or the same shops... but all of us have gone through a high school!

Many of us can recall the teachers who had a great impact on us, for better or for worse.  I believe that todays public schools are the hub of our communities.  The manner in which Epsom Girls Grammar School is governed and what takes place within this modern learning environment has a significant impact on the whole community.  Our city's values, knowledge, motivations and behaviours are directly influenced by our schools. 


With the professional experience of working with many schools -- locally, nationally and internationally --

I am privileged to be able to volunteer time and care into the very school where my three daughters have spent their teenage years.

Bradley Family Dec 2015
A coachs anticipation before final
PhilipBradley selfie with CKH-Belton_TX April 26-28 2016
Zhou Shan High School
MAGS 2016 students
Team talk
Philip Bradley
EGGS Sports brochure
Rebekah Bradley, Atlanta, Georgia
Rebekah Bradley UNT Swim Team
Georgia Bradley
Joyce Fisher Sports Centre
Summer Bradley
Class photo
A&M Consolidated High School
Newcomb NY presentation
Bow High School, New Hampshire
Blueriver Creative Studio
Nanjing City Wall
Shaoxing Yuanpei Middle School
Commissioner Chris Nicastro
Takapuna Grammar website
MDESE YouTube video
Newcomb Central High School, NY
Father Daughter practice session
EGGS rollup banners
Chinese student interview July 2015
Saint Kentigern prospectus
College Station High School, TX
Howick College Values panels
Shaoxing high school principal
Commissioner Barry, New Hampshire
Philip Bradley - PSD Board
Philip and Suzanne Bradley
Summer Bradley dance performance
Philip and Summer Bradley
Rebekah Bradley Ohio State swimmer
Georgia Bradley
Rebekah swim team OSU
Plymouth School District board mtg
Rebekah OSU Relay 2019
Bradleys at Plymouth North High
Rangitoto College Yearbook 2018
Bradleys at Plymouth South High
Dr Cliff Murray and Philip Bradley
Philip Bradley Marshfield High School
Jennifer Weston Wompanoag LRP Director a
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